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We offer a wide array of specialized services to our clients that will cater to their specific needs. Our understanding of the unique requirement of our client enables us to offer services accordingly. The services offered include sword balancing, oil tempering, full tang and more, which are of highest standards as we work to attaining complete accuracy as expected by client.

Sword Balancing – Sword balancing is related to the Harmonics, which refers to the placing of the vibratory "nodes" along the blade length. When a sword strikes an object it will vibrate, these vibrations center are present in the nodes along the length of the blade. A sword possesses two areas: the primary and secondary nodes. The primary node is located towards the tip of the blade and can easily be located by holding the sword in front of you edge on. The secondary node is found usually, below the guard, within the grip where the index finger of the hand will be located. We, at Khukriwala cater to the need of the clients by correcting the balance of old swords and, according to the primary and secondary nodes.

Oil Tempering - Oil tempering is the term, generally associated with the wire industry and is used for a type of wire that has received a hardening and tempering treatment after it has been drawn to the desired size. In the oil tempering treatment,the wire is heated above a critical temperature (austenitization), is then rapidly quenched and is followed by reheating or tempering at a suitable temperature. The quenching step enhanced the tensile strength, but decreases the ductility of the steel wire. It is the subsequent tempering step that helps regain that ductility and toughness.

Full Tang - Full tang means that the grip is in conformation to the shape and follows the outline of the tang, which is a solid piece of metal (typically steel). It is a single piece of metal, but the hilt is usually encased. Scales that are flat pieces of handle material like stag, synthetics or wood, may be affixed to the tang with rivets or pins. Alternately, the tang is wrapped with braided cord or paracord. A full tang implies a tough and durable sword or knife hilt, which is when the steel has been properly heat treated and is not too hard. This method of production defines that the sword or knife is strong in construct rather than a blade fixed to a base which can come off through wear or contact.

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